donkeysanctuary_nepal_jmcarthur_2017-1572-4367077 Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals on love, concern and hope

McArthur is the woman behind image archive We Animals,

Read More Help build a rainforest home for orang-utan

The Sumatran Orang-utan Society wants to turn a former plantation into a sanctuary for orangutans but it needs our help.

Read More pigfarm_italy_jmcarthur_2015-0700-6159777 The theory and practice of Effective Animal Advocacy

What are the best ways to help animals? Four activists look at effective options.

Read More dmt-1-3119442 Yulin Dog Meat: it’s no festival

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival kicks off again in June. Here’s how to help stop an event renowned for cruelty.

Read More isabella-juskova-477246-unsplash-7508750 When the elephants are free: Limousin’s Elephant Haven

Two former zookeepers are building a sanctuary for the retired circus elephants of Europe.

Read More alisoneastwoodsmall-3833803 Taking things into her own hands: Alison Eastwood saves animals

At the Eastwood Ranch, Clint’s daughter Alison is rescuing animals and spreading the word. 

Read More director-kate-brooks-filming-over-garamba-national-park-in-drc The Last Animals: Kate Brooks on filming a tragic epic

Producer Kate Brooks talks about the extraordinary people fighting to protect the world’s elephants and rhinos.

Read More peter-wohlleben-met-geit-5425358 Author Peter Wohlleben on why we don’t want to care about animals

Profit and fear make humans blind to the extent of animal intelligence and emotions, says the author of The Hidden Life of Animals.

Read More The accidental activist? Michael Gove makes surprising moves

Could Michael Gove MP be the Environment Secretary we needed all along?

Read More From mother to son: Will Travers embraces his legacy

“We need to take our destiny and the destiny of our fellow passengers into our own hands,” says the conservationist.

Read More pc-philip-hoare-blogspan-1256477 When words fail: “I had one thing to say – fuck.”

Author Philip Hoare on seeing a humpback whale breach in Cape Cod Bay.

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