1-reducespeednow21c2a9justinbriceguariglia-2106038 Somerset House celebrates Earth Day 2019

An extended two-week programme brings  together leading artists from across the world.

Read More d00rlo6woai3uvg-jpglarge-7388389 Company Three’s about the end of the world

This community theatre company makes work with and about young people.

Read More forest-272595_640-8829268 People write letters to the earth

​The letters will be presented as part of a ‘day of joint action’ on Friday 12 April across arts venues nationwide.

Read More aissata-6358239 Positive Negatives: comics for change anth_nig_olb_01_16_src_web-9927322 Shock and awe: The Anthropocene Project

Led by Edward Burtynsky, the project documents the effects that mankind has had on the planet.

Read More maria-3475657 The people behind the headlines: Verse Stories

By telling real stories of the men, women and children behind the headlines, Verse Stories brings the news to life.

Read More 2017kd8230 Discover Fashioned from Nature at the V&A

The V&A’s seminal new exhibition traces the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world.

Read More thomas-kelley-63615-unsplash28129-7214034 Authors want to save the oceans

Fifty children’s authors, including Michael Morpurgo, Quentin Blake and Jacqueline Wilson, are calling on the book trade to ditch plastic.

Read More dbickh7waaaj5-h-jpglarge-1477657 The power of art: Fashion Revolution Week by MJ Delaney

A short film by brilliant young director MJ Delaney says it all and more.

Read More iain-r-spink-arbroath-smokies-3981382 Made with passion: The With Love Project

The With Love Project celebrates makers who produce with passion and purpose.

Read More daramcaulty-9137150 Out of the mouths of babes

And by babes, we mean committed, passionate naturalists under 30. Meet New Nature.

Read More potentialrefugee-6298356 How to be a Craftivist

Make beautiful things and don’t be cross. Sarah Corbett’s movement gains traction.

Read More the-good-chance-theatre-calais-2-3897242 Welcome to the Calais Jungle

Good Chance Theatre brings the infamous Calais refugee camp to London’s theatre scene.

Read More gary2bnote2bvisual-2300506 License to print money: Bank Job

HSCB (Hoe Street Central Bank) is part of Bank Job, a project and documentary film asking timely questions about our broken economic system. 

Read More jam-making-with-sam-fot2016-by-tracy-kidd-3693649 The Festival of Thrift

Anarchic, exuberant – and thrifty. The fifth Festival of Thrift is coming up.

Read More gardengnome-3329103 A museum of modern nature

Includes garden gnomes and thermos flasks.

Read More richardross2cmuseumnationald27histoirenaturelle2cparis2cfrance19821-9151246 Making Nature: How we see animals

A moving, sometimes tragic, reflection of how humans treat other species.

Read More helen_storey_portrait_credit_john_ross-2822246 A Dress for Our Time: the power of political fashion

“The world is asking us to behave differently and to evolve different aptitudes for living.”

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