dif_image_shadow_large-3991812 Challenge everything: the Disruptive Innovation Festival

The DIF invites people to share disruptive ideas and stories, inspiring action towards a truly circular economy

Read More Scientists and inventors are finding ways to beat plastic

From plastics that dissolve in water to bugs that eat PET, here are plastic alternatives you may one day find on a shop floor near you.

Read More Beyond Meat and Impossible are Champions of the Earth

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, jointly won the 2018 UN Champions of the Earth award.

Read More weekend_bag_lifestyle_1-3514488 From landfill to luxury: Elvis & Kresse

After sorting the problem of old firehoses, Elvis & Kresse turn its attention to leather waste.

Read More photobypineapplesupplyco-onunsplash2-2556495 The future of leather is plant-based

Leather kills people, planet and animals. Luckily, plant-based options are rising up to meet the demand for vegan leather.

Read More 466772162_1280x720-2806480 Fairphone: the world’s only ethical smartphone

Children are mining for cobalt to put in mobile phones. Fairphone wants to change all that. 

Read More the-growing-lab-c2a9maurizio-montalti-copy-7088417 Magic Mushrooms

Save the jokes. The humble fungi could save the world.

Read More csm_ocean-currents-2560_b3c980dfad-5066986 The Ocean Cleanup

Boylan Slat’s plastic-eating baby is all set to go. So why the bad vibes?

Read More sky-greens-6708276 Going up: vertical farming

The farms of the future will be sky high. Say hello to vertical farming.

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